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Revitalizing Software for Benefits Across the Board

Revitalizing Software for Benefits Across the Board

May 25, 2023

6:00 PM

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CivStart's May Hot Topics Webinar on GovTech for Civic Experience Design


In this webinar, industry experts discuss how the modernization of the user experience benefits front to back, and how the community member/resident experience can be improved immensely with IT modernization. Human-centered thinking can change the Total experience within the municipal landscape from the above mentioned community member/resident experience as well as the employee experience. Finally, hear about how improving the government employee experience can greatly increase staff capacity and bandwidth, ultimately assisting in employee retention. IT modernization is instrumental in transforming the government customer experience.

Webinar Moderator: AJ Thompson, Co-Founder and CEO of Cloud Driven Solutions

Webinar Guests:

KJ Shah, Co-Founder and COO of Kaizen Labs

Manu Agnihotri, Senior Associate, Strategic Partnerships & New Verticals at Daylight


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