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Seam Social Labs

transforms public feedback to insights with a cloud-based platform for equitably collecting and analyzing data for public studies.

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CivStart Cohort
Issue Area(s)
Tiasia O'Brien
2022 Cohort
Citizen Engagement, Data & Analysis
Seam Social Labs

Seam Social Labs, Inc. is a benefit corporation headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. Incorporated in June of 2018, Seam Social Labs’s focus is on the research and development of products that achieve our company mission: empowering community voices. We prioritize and focus on unstructured and qualitative data since we believe that is a key means to elevating the narrative and voice of communities.

Our vision is data beyond numbers — and we are building a team of scientists who value equity-centered community outreach, computational linguistics, natural language processing, mixed methods, and qualitative data.

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