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expands access to data insights across local governments to drive better outcomes in housing, transportation, budgeting, and other verticals.

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CivStart Cohort
Issue Area(s)
Stephen Larrick + Eric Schoffstaff
2020 Cohort

The Stae platform helps program managers at public agencies like cities and counties fully leverage existing data and tools to improve outcomes in verticals like affordable housing, sustainable mobility, and budget management. With the cloud-based Civic Intelligence Platform, Stae can standardize static legacy data, continuously ingest dynamic data from API sources like transit farecard transaction databases, create no-code quantitative and geospatial reports, and make insights exportable to common business intelligence tools like ArcGIS and Microsoft Power BI, published API endpoints, or open data portals. Stae unlocks new grant opportunities, streamlines agency operations, and supports proactive data-driven performance management and policy implementation with a lightweight, off-the-shelf digital approach.

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