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Customer Feedback and Process Improvement

There are two parts to this challenge: Gathering Feedback from Our Customers and a Friendly Process Mapping/Illustrations.

Goals & Objectives


There are two parts to this challenge:

Gathering Feedback from Our Customers. The City of Pearland Community Development Department is seeking a way to collect meaningful feedback from the variety of customers we serve to make our processes more user friendly and better understand areas we need to improve. From contractors, homeowners/business owners, and design professionals, it would be great to be able to gather meaningful feedback that we could incorporate into providing a higher quality service.  

Friendly Process Mapping/Illustrations. The City of Pearland Community Development Department is seeking a way to better illustrate the development process (from zoning – certificate of occupancy). This would be used by contractors, homeowners/business owners, and design professionals and would allow us to have a more transparent development process. 

Success will be measured by:

  • Amount of feedback collected.

  • Amount the product gets used. Visits per day/month.

  • Direct communication from customers.

An ideal solution will:

  • Summarize different processes and include an interactive mechanism for applicants to enter their scope of work and for it to draw out the path.

  • Clearly and simply illustrate the development process based off an entered scope of work.

  • Collect usable information from our customers regarding their experience as they navigated the different development processes.

  • Be accessed via the website and could potentially be sent out using automated emails from our permitting software. It would be preferred for it to be mobile friendly and available in Spanish as well.

  • Not only work with our form but also maintain our well-known and public gethelp email address 

City of Pearland, TX

As the fastest growing city in the Houston region, Pearland has everything your company needs to be successful. Affordable housing, outstanding schools, safe neighborhoods and superb quality of life has led to tremendous growth in Pearland. With millions of square feet of retail, office and residential construction completed in the past 10 years, Pearland is on its way to becoming the next major employment center in the Houston region.

Our close proximity to Houston, just a short 20-minute drive to downtown, allows you to experience all the city has to offer including professional sports, world-class cultural amenities and recreation.

Challenge Background

This challenge comes from our ongoing expectation to be as transparent as possible and work to make our processes as user friendly as they can be. This solution will involve Community Development, our Economic Development Corporation, the local Chamber of Commerce, potentially the regional Small Business Development Center, and ideally representation from our different customer groups contractors, homeowners/business owners, and design professionals.

Below is a link to the existing Development Handbook which was an attempt to remedy this issue. However, as you will see it is 208 pages and needs to be updated/simplified. This issue has been tackled in the past through customer service via phone calls, meetings, and emails.

By having a transparent illustration of the development process our different customers can have confidence as they navigate the different submittals needed and make more informed decisions as they research buying property or opening/growing a business.



If you are interested in responding to this challenge statement to discuss how your solution could be the right fit for a pilot, please reach out to Sarah Nicoll at CivStart is a nonprofit partner assisting the government in their selection and pilot process.

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