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Innovate with CivStart

CivStart supports Local Government Leaders to bring cutting-edge ideas and technologies to their communities in thoughtful, sustainable, and impactful ways. Augment your limited capacity, gain valuable insights and expertise, meet peers across the innovation ecosystem, and direct the course of innovation.


Do you have a Challenge?

lower the risk of innovation with CivStart's help


Augment Your Capacity

Even the municipalities with dedicated innovation teams are often understaffed and over-committed. CivStart's support is designed for a  range of public-sector leaders, whether innovation is in your title or not.


Meet Peers Across the Ecosystem

Local governments are unique, but share many of the same challenges. Meet peers who are dealing with the same larger trends in unique ways. Learn from them, share your experience, and build the future for your communities together.


Gain Insights & Expertise

The CivStart team's decades of varied innovation and technology expertise, combined with an incredible roster of advisors from public, private, academic, and nonprofit sectors is all on-hand to help you navigate your toughest challenges.


Direct the Course of Innovation

CivStart evaluates and curates top technologies and innovative practices with the help of local government leaders like you. Join our network and be one of the people directing the technologies and innovations for the next generation of local government.

Challenge & Pitchfest

CivStart works with local government leaders to find solutions their biggest challenges and drive the future of local government technology.

Gov Innovation Platform

Meet peers and get access to numerous resources, exclusive networking events, dynamic webinars, in-person events. 

Direct Support

Have a challenge that needs solving?

Reach out to us. We'll work together to find solutions.

Some of our Government Partners

mayor johnson.jpg

We came to the CivStart team with several challenges and we wouldn't have found such affordable and innovative solutions to those challenges without them.

Brandon Johnson, Vice Mayor of Wichita

Case Studies in Innovation

Learn about the way CivStart is creating impact on all aspects of the Government Innovation Ecosystem.

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