CivStart believes solving society's biggest problems starts at the local level.

Our mission is to build an honest and inclusive ecosystem of local government leaders & startup solutions that serve their communities.



We bring together innovative and affordable startup solutions, govtech experts, and public sector leaders focused on local government’s top challenges and how the latest innovations can meet the needs of their communities. We accomplish our mission in three broad ways: The Govtech Accelerator Program, Government Innovation Programs, and as an Innovation Hub.

  • The Accelerator. The 24-month Accelerator Program serves 10-15  new startups each year with webinars, mentorships, hands-on market strategy development, and networking with government leaders.

  • Government Innovation Programs. Working directly with select groups of state & local government leaders, CivStart educates on challenge based procurement and proof-of-concepts through a real-world pilot project meeting their top challenges.

  • Innovation Hub. Acting as an innovation hub and thought-leader in the govtech space, CivStart provides top-tier events, research projects, and public education around inclusive govtech innovation.



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Meet CivStart's talented and diverse staff, board, and advisor network.

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