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Our Mission

CivStart believes solving society's biggest problems starts at the local level.

CivStart is a nonprofit with a mission to spark innovation with local government leaders and nurture the growth of emerging govtech startups in our inclusive ecosystem.


CivStart is creating a world where local governments have the tools, networks, and resources to best serve their communities and the challenges they face.

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About Us: About Us

To achieve our mission and realize our vision, CivStart provides local government leaders with deep-issue and technical industry knowledge, peer connections, and pilot program implementation to deliver practical results. At the same time, CivStart is growing a robust ecosystem of civic-minded entrepreneurs who are successfully navigating the pathway through the rewarding but challenging government market and bringing their innovative and affordable solutions to communities across the country. Across the ecosystem, we are creating a collaborative environment where innovative and affordable startup solutions intersect with government tech experts and public sector leaders. Through CivStart, local governments achieve positive change by leveraging innovation, embracing vendor diversity, and efficiently sourcing startups in the govtech marketplace.​


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Read about our Impact

CivStart's five year impact report details the way we are bringing our mission and vision to life with the help of our many partners, volunteers, and dedicated entrepreneurs and local government leaders.

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Meet CivStart's talented and diverse staff, board, and advisor network.

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About Us: Our Team
About Us: Our Team
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