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EV Charging Stations for City Fleet and Public

The City of South El Monte is reviewing the different types of electric charging station available in the market that will meet both the needs of the City’s transportation fleet, residents and visitors.

Goals & Objectives


To be successful, a solution will:

  • Provide EV charging stations solutions equipped with cloud-based software that allows staff to manage charging times and collects validating data to be used to file for carbon credits that will help to off-set the cost of charging the vehicles.

  • Provide EV charging stations for the public that meet the needs of residents and visitors (Level 2 & 3 DC Fast Charging).

  • Identify public charging station locations.

  • Identify funding sources to off-set the cost of purchasing charging stations.

An ideal solution will:

  • Generate income from both public and fleet charging (Carbon credits).

  • Collect energy and store energy during non-peak hours that can be used on demand when needed.

  • Include centralized reports to measure and manage energy usage, cost and ROI.

  • Include 24/7 customer service, equipment that is easy to maintain, repair and upgrade.

  • Include EV charging stations that can be programed to charge City vehicles during non-peak hours when electric rates are lower.

  • Secure funding for the installation of charging stations.

Submissions Due: July 25, 2022

City of South El Monte, CA

South El Monte, "The City of Achievement" is a vibrant and thriving community, located in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, just minutes from downtown Los Angeles.

South El Monte was incorporated into a city in 1958 with a population of 3,900 and is now home to more than 20,000 residents with a daytime population of over 44,000, as workers from various business industries stream into the city limits, every morning.

South El Monte is a tight knit community, which offers a diverse age of residents with the same dedication and spirit that the City was founded upon. Our community members are the heart of South El Monte and for that reason, the city is always striving to improve the quality of life and provide exceptional services. South El Monte offers various community programs for residents of various ages, such as recreation facilities and parks, youth and senior services, and community special events.

Challenge Background

The installation of smart charging stations at the City yard will allow the City to transition from fossil-fuel vehicles to zero-emissions vehicles that reduce the operational cost and reduce the City’s carbon footprint. The installation of public charging stations will allow the City to set charging rates and limits ensure to stations are not being used by only a handful of patrons.  The public and City vehicle charging stations system will have the ability to track carbon credits that can be sold to help offset the cost of charging the vehicles.

Key Stakeholders

Transportation Division

Department of Community Development and Department of Public Works City Council

City Manager

Deputy City Manager

City Finance Department


Proposers who have questions should send these to All responses to questions will be posted on the Challenge page on CivStart’s website at:


Those wishing to submit a solution to the challenge, should fill out the Challenge-Response form.

Submitted proposals will be reviewed as they were sent by the relevant points of contact for the submitting local government. One of more of these solutions may be chosen to provide a demo.

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