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Acta Solutions

helps local governments extract better insights from constituent input faster and at a lower cost

Company Info

CivStart Cohort
Issue Area(s)
Tai Huynh + Pavani Peri + Andrew McKinnon
2020 Cohort
Workflow, Cost-Savings, Community Engagement
Acta Solutions

Acta Solutions automates feedback analysis for government, transforming open-ended public input into actionable insights. They turn feedback from a resource-draining problem to a decision-informing solution through our proprietary natural-language processing (NLP) platform. Their web-based platform takes in open-ended feedback in a variety of formats (Excel, CSV, etc), automatically analyzes it, and generates insights via an interactive dashboard. By using machine learning to comprehend textual data, their tool is able to quickly generate actionable reports detailing constituents’ key concerns and priorities. They increase constituent trust and satisfaction by showing how their input directly shapes programs and policies. Their solution allows local government professionals more time to focus on the conclusions of the data rather than process the data itself.

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