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Kaizen Labs

builds revolutionary interfaces for essential resident experiences like parks and recreation, public transportation, and community development.

Company Info

CivStart Cohort
Issue Area(s)
Nikhil Reddy
2022 Cohort
Parks Permitting, Workflow, Automation, & AI
Kaizen Labs

Cities and counties use Kaizen's software to provide beautiful citizen experiences for their municipal departments. Parks & Recreation teams use Redwood, a next-generation booking and discovery engine for public spaces. Community Development administrators use Cedar, a tightly-coupled and beautifully designed permitting interface. Innovation and visitor departments use Maple, a website re-design toolkit to bring a municipality's digital presence into a trusted and modern future. Each interface is fully customized to a municipality's brand, aesthetic, and design system. Kaizen provides software updates, design improvements, and performance tweaks in perpetuity, free of charge. The company's arsenal of digital experiences empower local communities, improve the lives of their administrators and evolve as their needs change.

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