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How COVID has Shown us the Best in our Civic-Minded Startup Community

If there is a silver lining to the COVID crisis, it's that this unprecedented challenge has brought out the best in our public service-minded startups.

Bigger companies have reliable revenue and cash reserves, and many of them have also been hit hard by this crisis, but our 2019 startup cohort is made up of companies often running on short burn rates, high-demand growth targets, and rapid scaling to get to revenue-positive territory. All the more impressive, we think, that they have stepped up to help state and local governments, essential workers, and communities across the country in the wake of this crisis on a pro-bono basis.

Here are some of the ways that our startups are bringing their expertise, software, and resources to bear in the fight against the coronavirus:

ProcureNow is offering an intuitive electronic sourcing and evaluation module, free of charge to all agencies who need it.

GovInvest is offering free individual Pension, OPEB and Labor consultations to help public agencies model scenarios and communicate the impacts COVID-19 has on budgets and workforce.