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Savita Chaudhary

Assistant City Manager

City of Fairfield

Strategic executive with over two decades of experience in both public and private sectors, specializing in reshaping end-to-end services and cultivating transparent, participatory, and collaborative environments. Acknowledged for adeptly driving organizational change, reinforcing cultural values, ensuring accountability, and elevating customer service standards. Proven ability to establish strategic partnerships with executives, operational units, and community stakeholders.

Instrumental in overseeing city operations, collaborating with department heads, and spearheading initiatives aligned with the City Council’s community-centric goals. My expertise in strategic planning, community engagement, and organizational management seamlessly aligns with the city's vision for the future. I lead diverse programs, including strategy development, performance metrics, policy and legislation, governance, contract negotiations, internal maturation and governance work within IT and across City; city-wide portfolio establishment; governing and directing Generative AI, RFP development, and procurement, employing enterprise project portfolio management to deliver comprehensive, equitable, and innovative smart city solutions. A transformative leader skilled in driving modernization efforts.

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