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Solutions for Local Government Innovation

CivStart provides the tools, networks, and resources so local governments can best serve their communities and meet the challenges they face.

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Spark Innovation with Local Government Leaders and Startups

For Startups

Resources for entrepreneurs from idea stage to scale.

For Gov Leaders

Drive innovation with programs, Peer-learning, and more.

For Investors

Need govtech insights? Join our Venture Partner Network.

For Industry

Industry experts and nonprofits play a key role in our mission.

Local Governments augment their capacity with CivStart


Startups Accelerate with Impact through CivStart

Startups in our portfolio tackle some of the toughest challenges that state & local governments face today.


CivStart makes sure they get put to use with local government leaders and communities.

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Dynamic Events

Connect with peers, elevate your knowledge, and spark innovation with CivStart and our expansive network.

CivStart Innovation Hub

The CivStart Innovation Hub

Bringing the whole ecosystem together. The Innovation Hub has all the people, events, and resources you need to build stronger, more innovative government.


If our mission aligns with your work we welcome the support of a diverse array of corporate and other partners with monetary and in-kind donations in support of our work with startups and state & local government leaders.

Thank you to the organizations above for their support in helping us accomplish our mission.

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Catch all the market movers, local government innovation trends, and key practices in our every-other-month newsletter.


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