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Solutions for Local Government Innovation

CivStart provides the tools, networks, and resources so local governments can best serve their communities and meet the challenges they face.

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Spark Innovation with Local Government Leaders and Startups

For Startups

Resources for entrepreneurs from idea stage to scale.

For Gov Leaders

Drive innovation in programs, Peer-learning, and more.

For Investors

Need govtech insights? Join our Venture Partner Network.

For Industry

Industry experts and nonprofits play a key role in our mission.

Working from a Cafe

State & Local Solutions

We offer a wide range of solutions, with a special focus on solutions that create access and opportunities for underserved and unconnected communities.Startups in our portfolio tackle some of the toughest challenges that state & local governments face today.

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Health & Human Services

hospitals, community health, 911 dispatch, employee health

Black and White Earth
Sustainability, Energy, & Climate

climate action planning, reuse, energy efficiency management

Transportation & Infrastructure

road pricing/tolling, last-mile transportation, EVs, ticketing

Equity & Inclusion

equity measurement and tracking, MWBE support, human services

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Justice & Public Safety

public defender support, high-altitude imagery, code enforcement

Community Engagement

many-to-many engagement, participatory budgeting, multi-lingual outreach

Workflows, Automation, & AI

Government CRM, forms and applications, ChatGPT bots 

Community & Economic Development

local business support, housing, employment, social services

Revenue & Finance

cost-savings, pension and benefits administration, asset management, revenue generation

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If our mission aligns with your work we welcome the support of a diverse array of corporate and other partners with monetary and in-kind donations in support of our work with startups and state & local government leaders.

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Thank you to the organizations above for their support in helping us accomplish our mission.


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