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Consolidated GIS information for Town's data

Residents, businesses, and staff have difficulty determining demographic information on addresses located within the Town limits and must rely heavily on several outside resources to pull information.

Goals & Objectives


To be successful, a solution will:

  • Provide real-time updates on the demographics of a specific address within the Town, with the ability for the user to search by entering an address or by using your current location, the ability for authorized users to manually update content if needed, and can be used on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

  • Create a user friendly experience that is intuitive, visually appealing, easy to navigate, and informative.

  • Automatically collect information from public sources such as government databases, tax records, and census data.

An ideal solution will:

  • Provide information for external users such as:

  • Key Information: TMS #, Zoning, Tax District, Owner, Sewer Connection, Water Connection, Neighborhood, Number of Acres, Map of lot

  • Lot Status: Vacant, Pending Sale, or Sold/Coming Soon status. An option to manually update with future development information once approved.

  • Sales History: Book, Transaction Date, Transaction Price, Grantee, Grantor

  • Service Information: Address, Garbage Collection Day & Service, Recycling Collection Day & Service, Yard Trash Collection Day & Service, Municipality, School District

  • Political Information: Voting Precinct, Voting Location

  • Provide information for internal staff such as:

  • All external user features plus:

  • Code Violations

  • Police Hotspots/Crime Stats

  • Incident Reports

  • Renter/Owner Status

Budget: not to exceed $20,000 for a pilot.


Release of RFP: March 21, 2032

Applications Due: April 28, 2023, at 11:59 p.m.

Questions Due: April 11, 2023, at 11:59 p.m; Email Questions to

Determination of Selected Startup: July 2023

NOTE: The municipality reserves the right to modify the dates listed at its sole discretion.

Town of Irmo, SC

Irmo was incorporated in 1890 and has flourished along the tracks of Columbia, Newberry, and Laurens railroads. The name Irmo was derived from the surnames of two railroad officials, C.J. Iredell, and H.C. Moseley. Divided by Richland County on the northwest and Lexington County on the southeast Irmo is located off the shore of Lake Murray and only ten miles from Columbia, the state capital. Irmo has grown from a sleepy little town into an area bustling with excellent shops, restaurants, and specialty stores. The last weekend in September is home to the famed Okra Strut, the largest known celebration of the slimy green pod.

Challenge Background

Simply put, the Town of Irmo is a melting pot of different counties, voting districts, and service providers. It is nearly impossible for anyone to quickly locate demographics of an address, and we rely solely on outside sources to compile information. We need a “one-stop-shop” solution that will allow users to obtain all information from one centralized location.


Proposers who have questions should send these to at any time until [one (1) week prior] to the due date for proposals. All responses to questions will be posted on the Challenge page on CivStart’s website at:

Responses to Questions

What are the database access protocols for the various databases Irmo is requesting?

Primarily ESRI endpoints, and data in tables on layers in ESRI. Additional data will come from mostly excel sheets.

Is there a common format for data in both Lexington and Richland? Can we expect cooperation from both counties?

Format between Lex/Rich varies in terms of where the data lives in the tables, but generally consistent type and style of information. We expect to have cooperation from the Counties, but much of the data is publicly available.


To apply for this RFP, please complete the Challenge-Response Form through the CivStart Local Government Innovation programs site at

The challenge response form will include the following questions:

A. Startup/Company Information

  • Company Name

  • Contact Name

  • Contact Email

  • Contact Phone Number

  • Company Website

  • Company Location/Address

  • Team Size/ Total number of team members in your company or team.

  • Case Studies: URL for background material on your product or team (i.e., video, case studies, blog piece, etc.), if any.

  • Briefly describe the product / service your company or team can provide (max 300 characters).

B. Program Expectations and Commitments

  • Interviews are anticipated to take place in May or June with the option of being done virtually or in person. Will you be available during this time?

  • Are you able to commit to visiting the location of this government organization once?

  • The response to this Challenge is to establish a free or low-cost short-term pilot with clear objectives identified in a Scope of Work. A full contract may be considered at the end of the pilot program.

C. Program Proposal

  • Description of your proposed solution.

  • How will your technology help the city achieve its outcomes?

  • Will you be creating a new product / service, or will you be customizing an existing product / service for this challenge?

  • What makes your team qualified to work on this challenge (i.e., previous customer success, professional experience, academic degrees, research, previous product development experience, etc.)?

D. Cost Proposal

  • What is the estimated range of the cost of you to build and pilot your proposed solution product / service?

  • What is the estimated range of average hourly labor costs for key staff required to develop and pilot your product/service?

  • What is the estimated range of any equipment or software that would need to be purchased to demonstrate and/or pilot your product / service?

E. Conflicts of Interest

  • Describe any potential conflicts of interest that your firm may have regarding the project, as well as individual conflicts of proposed personnel, if any.

Challenge ID:


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