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Optimizing Mobility Infrastructure with the Latest GovTech

Optimizing Mobility Infrastructure with the Latest GovTech

Feb 21, 2023

7:00 PM

CivStart's February Hot Topics Webinar on Transit and Mobility GovTech

The world of work has changed and with it, transportation patterns. While peak travel is down, greater flexibility has often resulted in increased midday and weekend demand. At the same time, reduced conventional commuting has depressed overall ridership and revenue for transit agencies. Adding to the challenge of adapting to new demand patterns and maintaining service levels is that historical data cannot be used to model the future, operating budgets are under pressure, and movements towards free or heavily discounted transit are gaining ground. 

In this webinar, we will look at how mobility planners, transportation departments, and transit agencies are gathering data and experimenting with, learning from, and optimizing their traffic and transit systems based on that data. This includes targeted incentives to drive ridership, traffic light optimization for bussing, using existing infrastructure to gather more detailed traffic information, and more.

Moderator: Andrew Glass Hastings, Executive Director, Open Mobility Foundation


Ben Levine, Senior Advisor, Research & Technology, U.S. Department of Transportation

Emily Yates, Chief Innovation Officer, SEPTA

Danielle Elkins, Sr. Project Manager, Mobility, City of Minneapolis

Startup Guests:

David Nguyen, Founder, ThruGreen

Nicholas D’Andre, CEO & Co-Founder, GridMatrix, 

Joe Malloy, Product Owner, FAIRTIQ

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