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delivers benefits administration solutions and services public sector organizations need for today and tomorrow, transforming the annual enrollment experience into a year-round personalized journey.

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CivStart Cohort
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Jon Shanahan
2021 Cohort
Revenue & Finances, Workforce, Government Workflow, Human Resources

Benefits administration should be more than just technology. You deserve a partner who listens to your needs and challenges and delivers a solution that manages the layers of complexities that make up your benefits program. Businessolver® HR software offers a better benefits administration solution, thanks to our Govsolver® enrollment technology and because of our intrinsic belief in working alongside you — delivering delight.

We have solutions to meet your challenges:
• Integrated, single-source solution
o Management of the end-to-end benefits administration process means you can do more with the same or fewer resources. Our flexible, rules-based system allows us to administer today’s plans and tomorrow’s changes.
• Web and mobile tools
o Employees can view plans, enroll, and make changes to personal data, at their convenience.
• Compliance support
o From ACA to wellness, we can help you navigate and operate in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. We offer expert advice and guidance as well as administration solutions to address compliance requirements.
• Spending account administration
o As government entities move into consumer-driven healthcare, we can support the transition from flex to health savings accounts.

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