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provides a powerful yet simple application platform that helps cities and counties automate their onboarding processes for vendors, employees, homeless services and constituent services.

Company Info

CivStart Cohort
Issue Area(s)
Harout Katerjian + Timo Bakker + Todd Chessum
2021 Cohort
Custom Software Solutions, Workflow

Cities and Counties struggle with delivering services for their constituents, vendors, employees and homeless services because they do not have smooth and comprehensive onboarding solution to easily introduce, connect and guide them into their respective services. For example, a new vendor must complete multiple applications and sign documents for manual processing and entry into backend systems. With Emgage, you can easily engage your vendors through a seamless onboarding process that collects application and signatures while providing approval workflows and integrations into your backend systems.
Most importantly, you can realize end-to-end onboarding not in weeks or months but in a matter of few hours.

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