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Pujit leads the development of Legislaide. He possesses 8 years of software development experience with a focus on creating impactful solutions. He successfully built a top-five food delivery app in Puerto Rico, which was acquired in 2021. His broad development background includes creating solutions for Rwandan hospitals, Puerto Rican restaurants, flight booking systems, and inventory software for space missions.

Roger Lin

Vivian Nguyen
Vivian, currently serving as a city councilor, spearheads product design at Legislaide. With five years in the public sector focused on social impact and DEI, she's been nationally and regionally recognized for her community work. Overall, her professional experiences vary with roles in product management, sales, and design at both startups and large companies.

Company Info

CivStart Cohort
Issue Area(s)
Vivian Nguyen, Pujit M Roger Lin
2023 Cohort
Policy & Elected Officials, Government Workflows, Automation, & AI

Legislaide provides local governments with research and drafting tools designed to optimize the creation of legislative documents such as agendas, resolutions, proclamations, and ordinances. Harnessing the power of generative AI, Legislaide turns long, complex legislative processes into quick, simple ones. With thousands of hours of valuable staff time regained, Legislaide empowers local governments to do more with their existing resources and staff.

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