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Lex Loci Labs

builds software that empowers criminal justice stakeholders to be more efficient, transparent, and just

Company Info

CivStart Cohort
Issue Area(s)
Branny Vickory, J.D. + Frank Swindell J.D. + Justin Minshew J.D.
2020 Cohort
Justice & Public Safety
Lex Loci Labs

Lex Loci Labs' online applications power treatment courts and pre-arrest diversion programs. District attorney offices, law enforcement and social service providers can collaboratively track participants from case referral through program completion. Clients can monitor recidivism, program performance, and more through in-depth analytics, and use Lex Loci’s intuitive online portal to make program management more efficient. The software can be customized to match the process in your jurisdiction and ensure a seamless transition for your program.

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