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A modern disclosure system for campaign finance, lobbying, and ethics filing and reporting.

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CivStart Cohort
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Daniel G. Newman
2023 Cohort
Community Engagement, Data Analysis, Government Workflows, Policy & Elected Officials,

The MapLight Disclosure System is a modern, flexible electronic filing system that supports compliance, staff efficiency, and public transparency. It is a web application for government ethics officials, filers such as candidates, committees, and lobbyists, and the public. We support campaign finance, ethics, and lobbying reporting--just one of these, or any combination of the three.

MapLight customizes the system to meet your agency’s laws, regulations, and operational needs. We provide a comprehensive solution, including setup, training, and ongoing support.

The MapLight Disclosure System is a hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, eliminating setup hassles and conserving your IT resources.

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