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a postal mail solution that allows correctional facilities to receive legal and non-legal postal mail without the risk of contraband

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CivStart Cohort
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Fredick Hutson
2020 Cohort
Justice & Public Safety

Pigeonly provides a simple, affordable way for loved ones to stay in touch with inmates from any phone, tablet, or computer. With the recent outbreak in the COVID-19 virus, protecting staff against harmful substances has become ever more important. County and State prison facilities have a very difficult time combating the inflow of opioids, K2, and other synthetic drugs that are almost impossible to difficult to detect through postal mail. Not only is this a problem for controlled and/or illegal drug substances, insecure inmate mail increases prison staff exposure to Covid-19 and other dangerous pathogens that can survive on postal mail surfaces for up to 9 days. This comes as a significant cost to taxpayers. The alternative of restricting postal mail negatively impacts reentry efforts, while also exposing the State to costly lawsuits for infringement of an inmates’ rights to receive postal mail.

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