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powering Continuous Risk Assessment, Audit Reports, and Monitoring with No-Code Audit Analytics designed for governments and

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CivStart Cohort
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David Osborn, Sam Gallaher, Holden Mitchell, David Paddock, Nathan Pickard
2022 Cohort
Revenue & Finances

For Auditors:
ThirdLine integrates with your ERP data for continuous risk assessment, and fast tracks audit report creation with an automated report building flow, so you can deliver audit insights and recommendations across your organization in weeks instead of months. Additionally, ThirdLine can act as a control for your organization's management to monitor with analytics.
One-liner — We map risk for auditors who want a grasp on the millions of records constantly accumulating in their ERP modules.
How — 300+ proprietary analytics and data science built to learn
Who cares about this? — Top audit position holder at municipality
Why — Needed missing tool for municipalities to do agile audits, and reek the benefits that come with doing them.
How would they describe it to their friend/colleague? — It’s like Spotify Discover weekly but it presents to me areas of risk instead of a playlist…And I can use their automated report builder to create audit reports much easier and faster.

For Finance/IT/Accounting/Procurement:
Governments are asked to do more with less. ThirdLine’s suite of analytics repeatedly performs risk assessments across millions of transactions and permissions, which gives assurance to the public that the government watchdogs have a better chance of identifying fraud, waste, and abuse and allows leaders to focus on the areas of greatest potential impact and not worry about getting audited or ending up in the paper.
One-liner — Alerts sent to your email tell you when a risk tolerance was surpassed, because when you know what is going wrong as it happens you are most set up to understand the issue and affect change.
How — Monitoring solutions can have thresholds and limits that when surpassed will alert leadership. Monitoring will also alert the user of change upon chosen frequency.
Who cares about this? — Anyone afraid of not having a grasp on their ERP system, or who wants a system that keeps Auditors of their back.
Why — Because understanding dashboards and digging through data takes time many don’t have. Systems that “give me the answer” and provide assurance are universally becoming preferred.
How would they describe it to their friend/colleague? — It’s like the alerts you can set up on a credit card for your kids to make sure they are using it for gas and food, not on expensive waste or purchases at the mall.

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