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solves the boots on the ground data collection issues facing local water operators while eliminating hundreds of hours of budget-sapping labor each year.

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CivStart Cohort
Issue Area(s)
Chris Sosnowski
2020 Cohort
Transportation & Infrastructure, Workflow, Data-Analysis, Sustainability, Energy, & Climate

85%+ of US public water system data is still collected on pencil/paper and sometimes takes months (or years) before the public can view issues from a public water system. Non-standardized spreadsheets pile up by the thousands on government servers across the US orphaning valuable water data and making long-term operational trends and non-revenue water information impractical to obtain. With a growing water shortage crisis as well as increased pressure on utilities to manage non-revenue water amidst a tightening of available funds, Waterly solves today’s water data capture problems for operators and prepares for tomorrow’s water data management needs. It promotes the value of public water, transparency, and accountability while improving local government’s ability to be predictive with water production through one-click automated reporting.

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