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CivStart hires Kristoffer Adams - Impact Initiatives Director

We are pleased to announce our organization's first hire in Kristoffer Adams as Impact Initiatives Director. Kris brings a wealth of experience and connections across the local, state, and federal government levels. He understands the needs of entrepreneurs and believes in our mission of building an honest and inclusive ecosystem of solutions for state and local governments. Kris is dedicated to improving governance and raising communities up through policy and technology.

In his capacity as Impact Initiatives Director, he will be leading efforts to connect CivStart and our startups to the local government leaders who are seeking out the most innovative solutions, whether directly or through one of our Local Government Innovation programs.

Kris has been a policy advisor for local government and previously spoken and worked in minority and millennial voter engagement, minority-owned startup competitions, and helping young professionals get involved in public policy fields. He is an avid tech enthusiast interested in how governments can increase civic engagement and inclusivity through technologies.

We are excited for this moment of growth for CivStart and how Kris will enhance our ability to meet the most pressing challenges state and local governments are facing.

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