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Resources for New GovTech Startup Founders

CivStart has been serving the govtech sector by building an ecosystem of both govtech solutions and supporting local government leaders. One key pillar of building the ecosystem is to make sure there are enough young, innovative founders entering the govtech market.

CivStart and AWS, along with many other voices, have created two resources worth checking out for any current or future govtech startup founder:

  • AWS Startup Guide - Amazon Web Services (AWS) created the 2022 GovTech Startup Guide for founders, developers, and technology startups serving the government community. Featuring multiple customers and subject matter experts, the guide identifies government technology (GovTech) trends and illustrates key industry insights.

  • CivStart's 9 Lessons for GovTech Startups - Govtech has amaing potential to change the ability of people across the country (and world) to live thriving, fulfilling lives, but at the same time, it's one of the most challenging markets for innovative startup companies to enter and scale within. Let CivStart provide you with a few tips based on our experience of the sector.

Check out both of these resources, then join our growing network of govtech innovators.

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