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Tech for Gov: Highlights from the State of GovTech 2021

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Thank you to everyone who attended The State of GovTech 2021's two-days of dynamic panels and networking across the diverse govtech sector. And thank you to our event partners at e.Republic. If you missed a panel, you can still watch the sessions on-demand here.

State of GovTech 2021 Highlights Keynote - State of GovTech (check out the detailed slides) “Unlike the private sector, public agencies can’t close doors that they open in terms of digital services.” - Dustin Haisler, e.Republic (Tweet this)

Government Leaders Look Ahead for GovTech "Henry Ford said 'If I asked people, they'd say they need faster horses.' sometimes I think in government we go for faster horses...the pandemic...forced everyone to re-evaluate our thinking." - Kevin Limehouse, Charleston Co. SC (Tweet this) "We want to make sure that it is a pleasure to deal with government, and the only way we can do that is to bust up some of those 90-year-old processes." - Lindsey Parker, Washington DC (Tweet this) "Collaboration is our 'secret sauce,'" - Rob Lloyd, San Jose CA (Tweet this) "If this pandemic has taught us anything, its that access to the internet is absolutely critical" - Mark Barham, Williamsburg VA (Tweet this) Case Studies in Innovation On National League of Cities' CIE program: "We can demonstrate to our residents and neighboring cities about the opportunities of working with startups." - Mayor Wallace, Manor TX (Tweet this)

Keynote - US Digital Response "We are in a moment in which government is being asked to do more than ever before, but we also have more resources." - Jessica Cole, US Digital Response (Tweet this)

Changing Mindset to Change Technology

"We're using 1930's data in 1950's organizational structure to solve 2021 problems...[but] we've come a long way. Innovation teams are now a part of the fabric of local government." - Joel Carnes, Alliance for Innovation (Tweet this)

Investors Look Ahead for GovTech

"If you are working with a later stage startup that is Private Equity owned, you need to see if they are just focused on growth or if they will continue to innovate." - Frederik Groce, Storm Ventures (Tweet this)

Creating Possibility Governments

"Governments always have great ideas, they just don't always have the right toolset." - Catherine Geanuracos, CityGrows (Tweet this)

Engaging Residents in Tech & Innovation

"Focusing on the problem first, as opposed to starting with the solution, is going to go a long way to procuring better tech." - John Katt, NYC Office of the Public Advocate (Tweet this)

GovTech Platform Panel

"You can purchase tools as a platform... you can also have the flexibility to just select different modules for the specific project you want to do." On the direction Ted Price of GovInvest sees govtech platforms moving. (Tweet this)

City Managers Plan for the Future

"Taking risks for innovation is hard, but knowing that there is support from the council, that the council is encouraging us, is the most important." - Walter Rossmann, Milpitas CA (Tweet this)

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