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Andrew Kirk

RVP of Strategic Sales


I have 12 years experience in SaaS Sales, 8 years as leader. I've held sales leadership roles in govtech SaaS orgs, scaling from six-figure in annual recurring revenue to mid-eight figure recurring revenue, managing thru two private equity backed acquisitions. I was with the same company for ~10 years, through mergers and acquisitions.

As the VP of Sales at Rock Solid, I was responsible for managing teams generating revenue and sales execution of new and existing customers. Previously, I was Chief Revenue Officer at CitySourced, a B2B mobile platform for government. I wore many hats and was responsible employees in sales, marketing, customer success, and support. I also oversaw Finance, Legal, and HR.

I love connecting with new people and helping those connections! If you're going to connect, please provide me context as I find it will be a much more valuable connection for us both.

Specialties: B2B, Govtech, SaaS, Sales Management, Solution Selling, Software Sales, Lead Generation, Online Marketing

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