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Cameron Powell

Head of AI

Holon Law

Cameron Powell is a lawyer, technology entrepreneur, writer, and coach. Following a B.S. in Business from the University of Colorado, and a J.D. from Harvard Law School, Cameron mastered high-stakes federal litigation and intellectual property at the Department of Justice and Foley & Lardner before embarking on a 23-year crash course in 12 tech startups as a CEO, CMO, and GC who played nearly every role in advancing innovation and building value.

As Head of AI at Holon Law Partners, Cameron now leads the kind of multidisciplinary team of lawyers, technologists, and talent experts that organizations need to truly understand their risks and opportunities from traditional and generative AI. Cameron is also a board advisor to three AI-driven tech companies. He specializes in powerful, evidence-based storytelling, and has coached founders who have raised hundreds of millions of dollars.

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