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Dr. Peter Pirnejad

City Manager

City of Altos Hills, CA

Dr. Peter Pirnejad is the former City/District Manager for the City of Foster City in the Bay Area of California. Foster City is a full service city nestled equidistant in the peninsula between San Francisco and San Jose. It is the only master planned communities in the Bay Area which services as the home for Giliad, Visa, and other notable companies.

Dr Peter Pirnejad is an award-winning local government expert who has hands-on innovation, technology, and community development experience. With over 20 years local government experience in public administration, Dr. Pirnejad had previously served as the Assistant City Manager for the City of Napa and as the Development Services Director for the City of Palo Alto. Dr. Pirnejad has received awards complimenting his team’s ability to develop policies that advance sustainability, building safety, and collaboration. His passion for advancing government technology earned him a range of innovation awards as well as a seat on a number of non-profit boards committed to promoting innovation in government, including Alliance for Innovation and

Dr. Pirnejad has also served on a number of public sector membership boards and commissions, including president of the CA League of Cities (LCC) Planning Department and in mentoring of next generation City Managers with the International City/Council Management Association (ICMA). Dr. Pirnejad has a BA in Environmental Studies and Geography from the University of California, Santa Barbara, as well as a Masters and Doctorate in Policy, Planning and Development from the University of Southern California.

Prior to assuming his role as the City/District Manager for the City of Foster City in January 2021, Dr. Pirnejad led Oracle’s Global Public Sector Industry Strategy focused on State and Local Government as the Executive Director. As City/District Manager for Foster City, he is applying his leadership abilities to best serve the needs of the public sector today and into the future.

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