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Jason Huk

Industry Sales Executive


Jason Huk is a tenured Sales Consultant and team mentor. Jason has worked at a handful of start-ups throughout his career supporting millions $ in sales and growing his teams’ experience and their revenue goals. Vertical experience includes; Information Technology and Cloud, MarTech, HealthTech and Public Sector Technology and Consulting. Jason’s network consists of many clients, partners and associations across the U.S.

Currently Jason is instituting his own sales playbook and supporting sales teams from A to Z on scalable and repeatable business development strategies and how to sell professionally in new markets. He has achieved excellent success in the public sector space with a dialed in approach to target, attract and retain customers. He has hired, trained, and supported entry level to advanced sales teams. His methodology focuses on resources and support necessary to scale and thrive in their roles. Customer Success strategy is also a large component Jason has successfully delivered on. Providing that extra level of process-oriented comfort and support to a customer base that is over worked and under paid creates a fluid hand-off to maximizing both sales involvement and project execution to meaningful adoption.

Jason’s passion and energy stems from his hunger for networking, innovation, collaboration and empathy for fellow colleagues. He has successfully built processes and supported policy development at over 300 state and local agencies. His projects and contracts support Executive decision making, Finance vision and Personnel/ culture. These key stakeholders are critical to a smooth sales engine. Building a roadmap throughout the sales and business process is what shortens the sales and engagement cycle for new innovative resources and it’s been a clear theme of Jason’s success.

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