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Oluwamuyiwa Peters

Community Management Intern


Oluwamuyiwa Peters is a Houston, Texas native. Muyiwa holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural & Applied Economics from Texas Tech University.

Before joining CivStart, Muyiwa worked as Customer Success Associate at Arable, where he developed a deep understanding of Ag technology products. He used this knowledge to help customers solve difficult challenges in agriculture and disease research and led cross-functional initiatives to improve the overall customer experience.

Muyiwa is a former fellow and supporter of the Farmlink Project, a unicorn in the food-saving space which emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic. There Muyiwa was a deals team member, who worked with large and small scale growing operations to organize the transport of their excess produce to food banks. Later, he joined the development team for their Tax Fluency program—a group devoted to researching all federal and state tax incentives to deliver more value to our donors;

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