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Steven Lee


Rotunda Solutions

Steven Lee is CEO of Rotunda Solutions, a research and advisory firm that specializes in strategic deployment of advanced technologies and novel applications of informatics and analytics. He founded this company to help the government to responsibly and efficiently solve massive and complex challenges using data, gathering some of the brightest minds in industry and academia to channel their expertise. As a lifelong problem solver, his personal career includes diverse roles as a trusted strategic and technical adviser on ML/AI, policy consultant, and resource for high visibility Federal, private, and nonprofit innovation units in industries spanning finance, acquisitions, healthcare, logistics, sustainability, and defense. Applying the Peter Parker principle, great power unlocked by modern advancements comes with great responsibility. Steven and his colleagues have dedicated themselves to the use of technology for positive impact, fostering collaboration, creating opportunities, and harnessing research for social causes, public health, environmental initiatives, and other important issues. An avid lecturer and Executive in Residence at the George Mason University School of Business, he enjoys discussing data ethics, innovation, entrepreneurship, social responsibility, and greater inclusivity of perspectives within the global scientific community. He participates in international conferences, is active on Federal advisory panels, serves on several nonprofit boards, and works diligently to advance equitable public access to information and education. CivStart offers a wonderful opportunity to share these experiences and support the success of hard-working start-ups.

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