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City Street
City Innovation Ecosystems

In partnership with the National League of Cities and Kauffman Foundation, CivStart works with cities to rethink how they solicit tech solutions for civic challenges.

Mayors looking to partner with startups

Mayors seeking solutions to support their local economies, internal operations, resident engagement, and other challenges facing their governments or residents.

Past City Participants

mayor johnson.jpg

We came to the CivStart team with several challenges and we wouldn't have found such affordable and innovative solutions to those challenges without them.

Brandon Johnson, Vice Mayor of Wichita

Our Other Innovation Programs

The CIE program isn't the only way cities can access the many benefits of CivStart's innovation programming. Other programs offer different and unique benefits for government leaders and their communities.

SLGI program

Our State & Local Government Innovation Program selects government leaders to learn and practice innovation for the benefit of their communities

Direct Support

CivStart partners with individual local governments on specific initiatives that align with our mission

Case Studies in Innovation

Learn about the many cities that have approached meeting their challenges with the innovation, affordability, and opportunity provided by govtech startups.

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