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State & Local Government Innovation Program

This 3 month issue-focused program powered by CivStart and e.Republic works closely with both government participants and startup solutions to meet top challenges through affordable and innovative solutions with wraparound support providing everyone peace of mind and ensuring success.

SEEKING: Innovation-focused government leaders

  • State, city, and county leaders

  • Heads of Departments, Executive Office staff, City & County Manager Offices

  • No technical knowledge required, but a commitment to engaging with innovative government technology solutions is a must

  • Preliminary idea of some challenges faced by the local government that fall within the program focus area

  • Willing to consider a pilot project or fuller procurement with a startup to address these challenges

Governments seeking help on challenges that fall outside this cohort's focus areas, or seeking longer-term support should consider our CIE program or reach out to us directly.

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Our Program

Our program helps government leaders go from challenge to solution in 3-6 months time. Any selected startups receive comprehensive support from CivStart's accelerator, helping to ensure a successful outcome for the local government and their residents.

Step 1:
Innovation Education

Educate and support government leaders and select startup solutions on working together for maximum impact

Step 2:
Listening Sessions

Identify core challenges within internal government processes and/or facing your local communities

Step 3:
Solution Research & Vetting

Get expert help to find and vet potential innovative, cost-effective startups solutions to meet those challenges

Step 4:
Pilot Program MAnagement

Begin to address those challenges immediately with  project management support for free or low-cost pilot programs as low-risk proof-of-concepts toward fuller-scale procurement.


The State & Local Government Innovation program is run in conjunction with our partners at Government Technology Magazine.

Our Other Innovation Programs

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City Innovation Ecosystems

In partnership with the National League of Cities and Kauffman Foundation, CivStart works with cities to rethink how they solicit tech solutions for civic challenges.

Direct Support

CivStart partners with individual local governments on specific initiatives that align with our mission

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Case Studies in Innovation

Learn about the many cities that have approached meeting their challenges with the innovation, affordability, and opportunity provided by govtech startups.