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Application Launches for AI-focused Govtech Accelerator

CivStart unveils 2024 application with focus on AI, partnership with National League of Cities (NLC).

CivStart startups work with local government officials to solve their challenges
CivStart startups work with local government officials to solve their challenges

WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 23, 2024) - Startups are now invited to apply for CivStart’s one-year intensive govtech acceleration program, which offers a plethora of benefits and a distinctive approach to the complex state and local government technology market. This year’s cohort will have a special emphasis on the game-changing impact of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies on the public sector.

As documented in CivStart’s Five Year Impact Report, over the past five years, CivStart has successfully provided capacity-building, networking, and resources to over fifty startups through its annual accelerator program. The mentor network at CivStart comprises experts from both public and private sectors in government technology, startup strategy, investment, and other crucial knowledge domains. The ever-expanding curriculum library at CivStart includes numerous lessons, delivered by a mix of public and private-sector experts.

CivStart’s previous cohorts have addressed some of the state & local governments’ most pressing needs, from infrastructure to sustainability and climate resilience to water utility technology, community engagement platforms, and more. In just the past five years, cohort companies have raised over $152 Million in capital, with nearly three-quarters of cohort companies experiencing 2x growth in their annual recurring revenue (ARR).

New this year is a partnership between CivStart and the National League of Cities whereby city leaders participate directly in providing feedback and support as startups refine their solutions. Startups will participate in a pitchfest at the State of GovTech where they will compete for a pilot opportunity. Finally, CivStart is launching it’s Venture Partner Network, which provides govtech investors key guidance while adding value for participating startups as well.

“We’re thrilled to initiate the application process for our 2024 cohort and usher in the next generation of Ai-powered govtech startups,” said Anthony Jamison, CEO of CivStart. “Our partnership with the National League of Cities allows us to bring increased direct government engagement, and our newly launched Venture Partner Network adds incredible value for startups as well.”

The application process for CivStart’s 2024 cohort is now open, and interested startups can apply on the CivStart website. The deadline for applications is May 31, 2024.

For more information about the program and to apply, please visit

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