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Celebrating Five Years of Government Innovation: CivStart Releases Impact Report

Map of CivStart's Impact

Washington, DC - April 2, 2024 - CivStart, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sparking innovation and collaboration within local government, is proud to announce the release of its 2023 Impact Report: "Celebrating Five Years of Government Innovation." This comprehensive report highlights the scope of impact across the entire ecosystem of local government innovation over the past five years, showcasing CivStart's dedication to charting a course for the future of government.

The report, available in full here, offers insights into CivStart's journey over the past five years, reflecting on the organization's rapid growth and growing community of changemakers. The report dives deep into the transformative initiatives undertaken by CivStart, showcasing key interventions to support civic-minded entrepreneurs, numerous issues tackled in conjunction with local government leaders, and much more. 

One of the highlights of the report are the numerous success stories of startups nurtured by CivStart's programs. 

“Through mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities, we’ve played a pivotal role in catalyzing the growth of emerging govtech companies focused on serving the public sector,” said Anthony Jamison, CEO of CivStart.

Another significant aspect outlined in the report is CivStart's commitment to empowering government leaders. 

“By providing the resources and educational programs to find, vet, and curate cutting-edge technologies,” explained Sarah Nicoll, Chief Strategy Officer, “CivStart has empowered government officials to understand and navigate their complex challenges and embrace innovative solutions.”

Looking ahead, CivStart indicates its commitment to doubling down on its mission of spaking innovation with local government leaders and nurturing the growth of emerging govtech startups in an inclusive ecosystem. The final section of the report outlines CivStart's vision for the future, highlighting upcoming projects, initiatives, and strategic priorities.

"We are thrilled to celebrate five years of impactful work in driving government innovation," said Nick Lyell, Chief Impact Officer. "As we look to the future, we are excited to continue our journey by building out a truly collaborative community where innovative and affordable startup solutions intersect with government tech experts and public sector leaders."

The release of the Five Year Impact Report marks a significant milestone for CivStart, underscoring its commitment to transparency, accountability, and excellence in governance.

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