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Open Challenges

A challenge is a problem-focused way for local governments to find vendor solutions. It allows vendors to tell the local government how they would meet the challenge, meaning better and more creative solutions as well as a streamlined submission process for young, diverse, and innovative startup companies.

Past Challenges


2024 Gov Innovation Challenge & Pitchfest


Use technology to improve the way governments support local entrepreneurs & residents


Pitchfest: Lower Barriers & Expand ADUs


The City of Raleigh is seeking solutions to reduce barriers and increase the supply of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).


Streamlining MBE/WBE Registration, Notification and Reporting Processes


The City of Grand Rapids is seeking a solution that can streamline MBE/WBE registration, notification and reporting processes in order to ensure that local, minority- and women-owned businesses not only have a fair opportunity to compete for contracts, but can do so easily, intuitively and without significant administrative or financial burdens.


Connect and improve processes and communication around services for the homeless population


CLV seeks to improve the communications loop between someone experiencing homelessness, the service provider and the potential landlord. A more effective and efficient means to connect persons needing housing with those who have housing available would relieve CLV staff of the burden of fruitless searches for eligible registrants.


Ideas, data, and Information gathering toward a more thriving downtown


The city of Peoria is seeking solutions that can help us better understand the needs, gaps, and opportunities in our transition to a more lively downtown.


Consolidated GIS information for Town's data


Residents, businesses, and staff have difficulty determining demographic information on addresses located within the Town limits and must rely heavily on several outside resources to pull information.


New Operating System to support administrative improvements for processing Land Bank Applications


The Land Bank of Kansas City, Missouri is seeking a solution to the application’s process, requirements, and responsibilities to acquiring and up-keeping of Land Bank property as a business or individual.


Multifamily and Neighborhood EV Charging Program


Montgomery County is seeking a solution to make it easier for residents that live in multifamily buildings, common ownership communities, such as condominiums and townhomes, or neighborhoods without private garages and driveways to access affordable EV charging close to home.


EV Charging Stations for City Fleet and Public


The City of South El Monte is reviewing the different types of electric charging station available in the market that will meet both the needs of the City’s transportation fleet, residents and visitors.


Transition to Zero-Emission EV Vehicles


The City's Transportation Division is exploring how to best transition its vehicle fleet of buses, cars and vans from fossil fuel-powered to zero-emission electrical vehicles along with the installation of smart charging stations.


Customer Feedback and Process Improvement


There are two parts to this challenge: Gathering Feedback from Our Customers and a Friendly Process Mapping/Illustrations.


Pedestrian and Bicycle trip counts citywide


The City is seeking a better method for counting the number of people walking and bicycling city-wide.

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