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CivStart, Patri Partner to Provide New Technology to GovTech Start-Ups

Patri to bring opportunity prioritization and online training assets to CivStart’s govtech startups

WASHINGTON, D.C., SPRINGVILLE, UT (August 26, 2021) - Patri will provide the CivStart accelerator’s start-ups with access to data-powered tools to prioritize government contract opportunities and accelerate go-to-market efforts in the public sector.

The start-ups in CivStart’s cohort go through a 24-month product-development and mentoring program guided and led by govtech experts and local government leaders. Patri’s unique technology and online training, produced by a founder with 13 years of high-growth govtech expertise, will enable CivStart’s cohort companies to expedite growth while advancing innovation for the governments they serve.

Anthony Jamison, CivStart Co-Founder and CEO, issued the following statement ahead of the partnership announcement:

“CivStart is always looking to provide the best technologies, tools, and resources to support and grow our startups. Patri is one example of a product that has a clear need among small businesses and startups to make the most of their valuable time. This set of solutions, along with CivStart’s other Accelerator benefits, all align to help scale the innovative companies solving local government’s biggest challenges.”

Josh Ellars, Founder and CEO at Patri announced:

“Patri is a tech-enabled masterclass on how to win more business in the public sector and other regulated markets. We’re proud to support CivStart’s mission to produce unique and impactful innovations for governments and the residents they serve.”

For more information on the startups participating in CivStart’s Accelerator program, the local government leaders bringing affordable and innovative solutions to their communities, and more, please visit more information on Patri’s data-powered tools for govtech companies, visit

To schedule interviews or for other follow-up: Nick Lyell at or (608) 234.2166.

About CivStart

CivStart is the only accelerator that focuses on the state and local government market.

We have built an ecosystem of innovative and affordable startup solutions, govtech experts, and public sector leaders focused on how the latest technologies can meet the needs of their communities. Our mission is to build an honest and inclusive ecosystem of solutions that serve local governments and their communities. We do this in three broad ways: The CivStart Accelerator; Government Innovation Programs, and Thought Leadership. Learn more about each of these at

About Patri

Patri is dedicated to helping companies of all industries win more business through data-powered solutions and expert services. Patri Score is an innovative Saas solution powering data-backed qualification, intelligent resource investments, and improved win rates for top companies in multiple countries. For more information about Patri, visit

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