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PRESS RELEASE: CivStart Emphasizes Programs for Local Gov Leaders with new Board appointments

New, experienced, and diverse voices on CivStart board to propel govtech innovation across US local and state governments.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (January 18, 2023). CivStart continues to have success with current programs that support local government and are in the process of creating a new strategic roadmap and plan for our future. As part of this new roadmap, CivStart has appointed a new Board of Directors Chairperson to work with the Co-Founders and the Board of Directors, which has three new appointed Members.

The announcement doubles down on CivStart’s strategic emphasis on incorporating the expertise of diverse local government leaders into the nonprofit’s programs. This brings the number of board members to thirteen experienced local government and technology experts and professionals.

Niles Friedman, Executive Advisor at Star Insights and longtime international strategic government innovator, assumed the role of Board Chairperson after a unanimous election. He joined the board a year prior and has actively participated in the CivStart advisor community since 2020.

“I’m enthusiastic about the opportunity for CivStart’s impact on local governments and the govtech ecosystem across the country,” said Niles Friedman, newly elected Board Chairperson. “With the addition of these three new board members and the existing cohort of enthusiastic and dedicated members, we have the right mix of experience, vision, and capability to achieve our desired impact in the ways technology and innovation are helping local governments and their communities thrive.”

The three new CivStart board members’ combined decades of local government experience, commitments to equity and inclusion, expansive networks, and thought leadership in the smart cities, innovation, and govtech ecosystems make these three excellent additions to an already prestigious board.

Doug Matthews, Deputy City Manager at the city of Grand Rapids, MI

Emily Yates, Chief Innovation Officer at the Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)

Dr. Lomax R. Campbell, Founding President and CEO at the innovative multisector consulting firm Third Eye Network; former Director, Office of Community Wealth Building in Rochester, NY

“I’ve seen firsthand the excellent work CivStart is doing to bring innovative thinking and technology to local government,” said newly elected board member, Dr. Lomax R. Campbell. “It’s exciting to be able to offer support and guidance in support of this important mission.”

Their experience working inside, outside, and across local government, nonprofit, and private-sector boundaries align their experience with CivStart’s strategic focus on remaining the preeminent innovation hub for state and local government and the wider govtech ecosystem.

For more information on the strategic direction of CivStart, or the trends and challenges CivStart sees in the ecosystem, please reach out to Nick Lyell at or (608) 234.2166. Board members may be available for interview upon request. Detailed bios for all 4 board members featured in this press release can be found at

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