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CivStart has chosen twelve startup companies to join its accelerator program focused on providing local governments with affordable and innovative solutions to their biggest challenges.

WASHINGTON, DC, September 13, 2022 – CivStart, a non-profit innovation hub for state and local government, just announced the twelve startup companies participating in their annual Govtech Accelerator Program. The cohort was selected after an intensive vetting and selection process involving CivStart’s selection committee of current and former public and private-sector leaders.

These startups represent the most innovative approaches to solving local government challenges. Their founders have been selected in part because they are civic-minded founders matching the dedication seen in local government public service. The CivStart Accelerator program will last 24 months and include direct product and marketing support, mentorship, education, and resources oriented toward building the local government partners for tomorrow.

“From improving social welfare benefit provision to powering the backend organization and collaboration of city and county staff, to using AI tools to better understand the impacts of changes to traffic flows, these startups are meeting a diverse set of challenges – issues local governments and their communities struggle with every day,” Anthony Jamison, CEO of CivStart, said in a statement, “We are proud to support this impressive array of solutions for state and local governments – and the communities they serve.”
“CivStart is going to be a foundational program for Kaizen's success,” said Nikhil Reddy, CEO of Kaizen Labs.
“Enpira shares CivStart’s mission to solve society’s problem at the local level, and we are looking forward to collaborating with CivStart to find practical solutions for local governments,” explained Daniel Kauffman, President and CEO of Enpira.

In line with CivStart’s inclusive mission, six of the twelve companies have underrepresented — women & minority — founders, and all of the startups’ solutions are aimed at building more equitable and inclusive communities.

This cohort of 12 startups joins an existing 37 govtech startups in the CivStart Accelerator’s portfolio. The startups will be matched with mentors from CivStart’s Mentor Network, learn from experts across the govtech sector, receive unique access to support from established companies, and get opportunities to present to, and learn from, the experience of public-sector leaders.

CivStart’s network of government leaders and innovative solutions will be gathering for the dynamic in-person 2022 State of GovTech Summit in Arlington, VA on October 5-6th. Registration is now open:

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