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PRESS RELEASE: Marketplace.City and CivStart partner to bring innovation to local governments

The sharing of’s Clearbox Technology with CivStart Accelerator Program will ease government technology fulfillment

Chicago, IL, US, November 30, 2021 / -- Chicago-based Marketplace.City – a govtech company helping hundreds of cities source, evaluate and procure technologies – will now provide support to companies that are apart of the Accelerator program for Govtech by CivStart, which is a Washington DC-based nonprofit government innovation organization.

CivStart’s Accelerator program helps Govtech startups navigate a $3.25 trillion state and local government market by providing these companies with mentors, training and hands-on support.

“There are so many startups out there that have the technology to create safer, smarter and more inclusive communities.” said Chris Foreman, CEO of Marketplace.City. “Local governments need those innovative answers to challenges, and CivStart’s Accelerator program finds and supports top startups in order to bring them to government’s doorsteps.”

Government contracts have been historically ignored by many startups because of their notoriously long and complicated procurement processes.

“Government procurement can be overwhelming for startups, while local governments and their residents lose out on affordable and impactful technologies as a result,” said Anthony Jamieson, CEO of CivStart. “ gives governments and startups the data and process to work together."

CivStart’s Accelerator program is just one of its activities that fulfill their mission to support local government, which is a mission that Marketplace.City and CivStart share. Each works with local governments to identify innovative solutions to community challenges, and help them achieve end-to-end solutions by procuring new technology.

City partners participating in Marketplace.City’s Clearbox process or CivStart’s Government Innovation Programs will have access to expertise, resources and the wide network of solutions and information made available by both organizations. Through this partnership and CivStart government partners have additional options, data and resources to accelerate innovation and technology roadmaps.

About Marketplace.City:

Marketplace.City’s mission is to simplify the process for local governments to source, validate and procure new technology, so that governments can be responsive to their constituents and focus on their core mission to serve those constituents. Our products and services are developed with input and feedback from our partner cities, and we are committed to delivering valuable tools at no cost to government partners.

About CivStart:

CivStart believes solving society's biggest problems starts at the local level. Our mission is to build an honest and inclusive ecosystem of local government leaders and startup solutions that serve their communities. We bring together public sector leaders, innovative and affordable startup solutions, govtech experts, nonprofits and academia and private sector leaders focused on local government’s top challenges, and how the latest innovations can meet the needs of their communities. We accomplish our mission in three broad ways: The Govtech Accelerator Program, Government Innovation Programs, and as an Innovation Hub.

Please email or call 312-600-0034 with any questions.

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