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CivStart's Innovation Hub: A Game Changer for Govtech

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The landscape of government technology is going through a significant transformation, and CivStart is at the helm with the upcoming launch of our CivStart Innovation Hub. This new online community platform is a resource and collaborative space for local government leaders and innovative minds in the govtech space. We are officially launching the new Hub on May 1st, and you are invited to learn how the platform will connect, empower, and inspire a community dedicated to revolutionizing local governance through technology.

What is the CivStart Innovation Hub?

CivStart’s latest initiative, the CivStart Innovation Hub, is a central nexus for all stakeholders in the government technology ecosystem.  From city managers and local government leaders to ambitious startup founders and insightful investors, the platform offers a unique space to foster connections and collaborations that drive innovation in local government. While the benefits for local government leaders hungry for peer-learning, curated resources, and expert advice on the ever-shifting world of government technology may be obvious, CivStart also aims to provide key benefits for startups and investors in the govtech ecosystem.

Why It Matters for Startups and Investors

For startups in the govtech sector, the CivStart Innovation Hub provides access to a tailored govtech curriculum, curated information and resources, aligned investors, and a network of local government leaders looking to learn more. On top of all this, startup entrepreneurs can participate in live virtual and in-person events designed to accelerate their growth and impact. 

Investors in the govtech space will find the CivStart Innovation hub equally beneficial. It offers a window into the latest innovative trends shaping local governments at the same time as it presents opportunities to invest in startups that are at the forefront of solving real world challenges. Investors, too, can benefit from strategic networking opportunities with individuals from across the ecosystem.

Engage and Connect at the Launch Event

The launch event on May 1st is not just an introduction to the platform but an invitation to be part of a movement towards smarter, more responsive local government. Participants will hear directly from govtech leaders, engage in community networking activities, and get a first look at the CivStart Innovation hub plans to support and catalyze innovation in the sector.

Join the Movement

To register for the Launch Event and to learn more about how you can be involved, visit

For those who believe in the power of technology to transform government, CivStart's Innovation Hub represents a critical step forward. Join us as we embark on this journey to redefine what is possible in local governance.

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